Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Praise Islam!: History of Oppression, Violence, and Fanaticism!

Have Muslims really ever considered what has been the contribution of Islam and Muslims to the world civilization until now? 

The answer is very evident and straightforward: oppression, violence, discrimination, and fanaticism!

Praise Allah! 

While Judaism and Christianity were spread peacefully under sacrifices by followers of Moses and Jesus, Islam was spread under the threat of the sword: “Submit to Islam, otherwise you’ll be killed!”

Praise Allah!

In the name of Allah, Muhammad urged his followers to conquer the world and force its people to convert into Muslims! We Muslims call all this “Futuhat” (opening). Muslim conquest was bloodier much worse than “colonialism.” The British and French colonialists never forced people to renounce their local faiths!

Praise Allah!

As a tourist, if you roam Arab and Muslim countries, what historical ruins do you sight? 

Certainly not Muslim ones. 

In Egypt you see Paranoiac ruins, in Iraq Babylonian ruins, in Syria, Tunisia, Morocco, and Turkey you sight Greek and Roman ruins, in Lebanon Phoenician ruins, etc.

Muslims have created nothing except Sharia and Jihad!

Praise Allah! 

At present, Muslim scholars dare not criticize irrational archaic passages in the Koran and Hadith. They risk being killed or prosecuted. 

Praise Allah! 

Muslim Arabs and Muslims in general in America and Europe are also Amazing Failures (in the tradition of Islamic Failure!).

In Great Britain, 61 percent of Bangladeshi and Pakistani immigrants (all Muslims) are jobless. Forty-eight percent of Pakistanis and 60 percent of Bangladeshis have a low standard of education. 

On the other hand, the income of Hindu Indians in the UK is higher than that of average Britons.

Praise Allah for providing the fruit of future Jihadists!

Muslims, Squeal in DELIGHT for the Failure, violence and hate we Muslims have brought the world! Our anger, Jihad and violence is a hallmark of our Islamic Faith and a true wonder!

Take PRIDE in the failure, oppression, violence and hate Islam has brought to the world, and our total lack of contribution to world civilization! 

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Sasha said...

Well said! Couldn't agree more :)