Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Praise Allah! A minor pregnant after rape: beaten and forced to marry her torturer!

Yet again, we can witness the FRUITS of Islamic JUSTICE!
As we all know, Islam, the Religion of Peace is at the forefront of progress and human development. Thus, I thought it would only be right to shout from the highest mountains, examples of the peace and tranquility that Islam brings to believers the world over.

"...The victim of repeated rapes who has become pregnant is being forced by local leaders to marry the man who abused her and sentenced to a beating (101 lashes with a cane) for the "crime" committed..."


"...On July 18 last the Arbitration Council met, consisting of a group of experts led by Fazlur Rahman Fazal, to discuss the matter and issue a verdict. The meeting ended with a conviction of 101 lashings a head for the young girl...


"...The girl will even have to marry her torturer, who has two previous marriages behind him..."

I think this is just another example, of how Islam brings JUSTICE to the world by making sure a Rapist and Torturer of children is forced to marry the object of his perversion.

Can anyone really reject the truth and GLORY that Islam brings to believers across the Ummah and beyond?

Praise Allah!

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