Monday, July 6, 2009

The Religion of Peace: Fatah Criticizes Hamas for Decrease in Terror and Martyrdom Attacks!

As we all know, Islam: The Religion of Peace is making inroads no matter where it goes, enchanting people with its peaceful and civilized message. However, word has come that the Glorious Jihadists in Hamas have been slacking in their Jihadist Duties.

Fatah, is making sure that these beloved Jihadists know that their duty to Islam is not being carried out with the suitable quota of infidel blood that Allah DEMANDS! Please review this important video, and demand action from Hamas (Please see your terrorist pointman at your local mosque for details of how you can contribute!).

You can see the verve for which students that support Fatah denounce the Apostates of Hamas

Fatah student taunts Hamas: “Since Hamas
seized power, we haven’t heard of any Martyrdom operation [suicide-bombing].”

Praise Allah for giving The Religion of Peace, and fruits of harmony, progress and Justice it has brought the world.

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