Monday, September 28, 2009

Did Muhammad Make Little Aisha Infertile During his Plundering Sessions?

Did Muhammad Make Young Aisha Infertile?

As we all know, the Prophet of Peace's most beloved wife (of the countless women he enjoyed) the child Aisha, never bore the Messenger's child.

As modern infidel science has shown, plundering the vagina's of children (as the Apostle was fond of doing - Aisha was six when he married her, and only fondled her until he consummated his marriage to her at the age of nine) can have serious health risks on the child.

Please review this video, where a sincere Muslim raises an interesting question about Muhammad's inability to get his favorite wife pregnant.

Was it because he plundered her tiny body that Allah did not bestow his Messenger with a son to continue the JIHAD against the infidel?

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