Thursday, October 29, 2009

Praise Allah! The Islamic World is the Worst Place to Be a Woman!

I just want to commend all of you, in the Ummah for following the strict guidance as found in the Noble Quran of the almighty Allah!

By subduing and cloistering our Muslims sisters, we have followed Allah's ETERNAL will and have created the most unequal gendered societies on Earth (by following the words and deeds of the Apostle).

This included such major nations as Pakistan (ranked 132 out of 134), Saudi Arabia (ranked 130 out of 134), Iran (ranked 128 out of 134), Egypt (ranked 126 out of 134), and Turkey (ranked 129 out 134). Yemen, which is 99 percent Islamic, was the bottom ranked nation as 134 on the Global Gender Gap Index.


Without which, we as Muslims would not forever be at the bottom of every list of civilized behaviour!

Allahu Akbar!

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