Saturday, November 21, 2009

Burqa Barbie! Praise Allah!

Now that Muslims have encroached upon every facet of infidel culture, society and laws, it is my proud and distingushed pleasure to announce the new, and halal version of Barbie.... wearing the ETERNAL fashion as mandated by Allah ---- the BURQA!

(please see here)

Praise Allah!

With this new Moslem Barbie, it is only a matter of time until Muslims conqure Rome!

This is a critical junction for Muslims, because if you can get the children young, you can inculcate them with the peace and JUSTICE of Islam.

Regardless of this great new development, I have to say, I was somewhat disappointed that they are not being sold in a box set of 4 wives (to serve their husband Ken-ibn-Mohammad), as well, I do not see any accessories in which to beat them into subservience.

Also, any real Muslim would find offence to the colorfulness of the burqa's as they are worn by Barbie.

However, this is just a rallying cry for Muslims everywhere to protest, riot and cause holy violence until the maker (Mattel), provides miswaks and electrical cables to beat the new toys with, as well as to subdue the colours and make them more in line with the fashion requirements of the creator of the universe: Allah!

I think a new FATWA is brewing in the Muslim world to demand this insult (not providing the implements of Islamic discipline) against Allah be retracted!

Praise Allah!

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