Friday, November 20, 2009

The Fruits of Islam!

Muslims need to be upfront with the infidels and come to terms with the uncomfortable truth (for some) that Islam just isn't another religion that benignly promotes peace on Earth and goodwill toward men.

Mohammad was no Buddha.

Are there no other Muslims here that are tired of having to repeat the mantra that "Islam a Religion of Peace" (for the benefit of the kuffer)--- when we all know that this is absurd.

Social norms vary from culture to culture, and while Female Genital Mutilation, honour killings, suicide bombing, beheading, Jihad, burqas, man/child marriage, may deviate from kuffer social conventions, they are in strict accordance with the social conventions of many Muslim nations.

In fact they are are most precious values.
We must be proud of our values.

When the second and third wives of Mujahadeen (in burqas) are extolling the Liberty and JUSTICE of Islam. Can we really believe anything different?

Thus, as Muslims, we must be proud of the mayhem that Islam brings to the world through Jihad!

Look to the fruits that Islam bestows Muslim countries :

economic vibrancy,
literary achievements,
social equality,
the protection of minority rights,
cultural triumphs,
scientific breakthroughs,
artistic expression,
technological prowess,
gender equality,
space programs that make NASA look like kids play
liberty without compare,

....and the social peace that all Muslims enjoy whilst living in Islamic paradises like Pakistan, the Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Somalia amongst others.

Can anyone really deny the GLORY of Allah or the wonderful societies that Islam creates?

I think not!

Praise Allah!

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