Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Muslim Pilgrims at Mecca: There is no God but Allah, and America is the ENEMY of Allah!

I shed tears of Islamic JOY when I beheld the following video.

Tens of thousands of Muslims, being lead by a most learned of Imams, working on their inter-faith communication while at the same giving yet again, another demonstration of the RELIGION of PEACE, and the
tolerance that is imbued and proclaimed by Muslims.

Remember brothers, this is the most IMPORTANT of Islamic Duties. As well, lest we forget, that this is a sacred and holy day for Muslims.

The Hajj is a once in a life time event.

I for one, am glad to see the
Religion of Peace doing such a good job at enhancing Muslims choir abilities:


Muslims on the Left, everyone chant "... America is the ENEMY of Islam!.."

Muslims on the right, everyone chant "... Israel is the ENEMY of Islam!..."

(actually, no - joke.....)

----- the question I have to ask is this:

Are their any other Muslims that are weeping tears of Islamic joy at this most Islamic of spectacles, during the Hajj at the centre of Mecca?

Praise the

Allah knows best.

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