Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Religion of Peace: Multiple Moslem Clerics Praise Allah for the Holocaust!

As we all know, Islam is the Religion of Peace and Tolerance. That love and brotherhood is stressed for all peoples' of the world is without question.

I direct you to a montage video of MANY different Moslem clerics, SQUEALING in Islamic delight, and PRAISING ALLAH, whilst watching footage of concentration / death camp victims from WWII.

With the usual poise and dignity Moslems carry themselves with, they proclaim:

"...This is what we hope will happen [ Jews ] again, but, Allah willing, at the Hand of the Muslims!..


...Yes, Praise Allah, look at the humiliation of the Jew, .... Look at all the bodies... Praise Allah!..."

Yet another example of the Tolerance radiating from Islam and a most thourogh presentation of LEADERS of the Religion of Peace

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