Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Penis is an INSULT to Allah!

If one reads the transcript in the newspaper above, it is clear that PENIS'S MUST BE BANNED!

Now we understand why Allah has DEMANDED circumcision, however, his previous laws, need once again be changed (abrogated) as so many other aspects of his ETERNAL laws have.

Allah is not of one mind obviously. And thi
s SLANDER by all Moslem men must END!

That Allah changes his mind, almost constantly (in the times of the Messenger -- i.e., there is not compulsion in religion ---to --- slay the infidels wherever ye find them ---- is proof enough!

In fact, that learned GRAND MUFTI'S and other scholars have caught wind of Allah's change of heart is enough for the FATWA of all Moslem men to chop off their genitals to stand.

What does it matter if in this life you have a penis, when in the next life it will always be excited by the 72 houris's (virgins)?

Think on this most Islamic of conundrums.


usman_1 said...

this is shameful to all non-muslims
allah will teach you a great lesson same as your grand of grand parents.inshallah

Anonymous said...

@usman_1 ,
"allah will teach you a great lesson same as your grand of grand parents."

You say like that because you were raised like that.

For me, I will teach a lesson to Alllah if he come to meet me. Why am I not afraid to challenge you Allah or his messenger mohammad? Because we were raise like that. We do not believe of pray any m.fm god.

Anonymous said...

Allah is a devil, and a penis.

Anonymous said...

GOD made man and his penis. But why do you Muslims mix the carnal with the spiritual? Why?, because that is what Satan does. So you follow the teachings of Satan, the fallen angel who spoke to Mohhamad the pedophile and adulterer. He is the father of lies. You are his son if you follow him, and he is the greatest deciever of all, just as your Corán says. Only YESHÚA Saves!!! and Alá is a loser and a fake! Only YESHÚA is King of kings, and Lord of lords! Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am not a Muslim but i don't think Christianity or Judaism teaches to hate on other groups. Learn to coexist.

Anonymous said...

keep on with ur filthy mind....
soon u'll face the Insult and punishment which
{(the one and only True God)to which these Jews or Christians pray with some other name for em} has prepared for u, both in this world and after world..... for sure u r raised like a Bastard which do not know nothing...By Allah .our True God,The Allah will catch u one day....and the day is befalling just wait for that day to come,Until then "Fuck with ur fore fathers who raised u like that"....

Anonymous said...

Kan enniwon spel heer?

If God made us in his image, why do muslim men all look like satan?

Anonymous said...

i like this photo