Saturday, December 10, 2011

Man could receive death penalty for adultery with ex-wife

Brothers, as we know the reach and grasp of Allah is infinite. That STONING of Muslims is a most Islamic of of punishments is without question and has been thouroughly discussed and examined on this blog.

Now wind has come to my ears with news of this HOLY Islamic practice. Please brothers, with every breath, know that Allah (or his slaves) are watching you and the penalty for not blindly obeying Islam is harsh.

Praise Allah!

Under strict sharia law a Saudi man could be stoned to death for committing adultery with his ex-wife, who was unaware he had divorced her.
A Saudi woman has demanded that her ex-husband receive the strictest punishment under sharia law, for committing adultery with her. In a bizarre tale the Saudi man divorced his wife without letting her know, yet continued to have sex with her. The woman had no inkling they were no longer man and wife.
Emirates 247 reported that four months after divorcing his wife, the man told her he had just divorced her. However, when she checked the court records she found he had deceived her and they had in fact been divorced for 120 days.
Under the strict Wahhabism that is observed by all Saudis, sex outside marriage is considered adulterous and can merit the death penalty. According to Islam Review "In Islam, once a husband divorces his wife irrevocably, or with three pronouncements of divorce, that woman becomes totally ‘haram’ for him. He cannot remarry her until she marries another man and the marriage is consummated and that temporary husband divorces her."
Court sources have said that the man could be stoned to death for his adultery. His crime was not to deceive his wife but to have sex with her after divorcing her, without first ensuring she was married to and then divorced from another man.

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