Friday, December 23, 2011

Muslims Only Celebrating the RIGHTS of Islam as bequeathed by Allah!

Shahzada Khan (left) and Jallat Khan (right) were 'looking for an easy target' on the night they raped a woman in Leeds city centre

Any kuffar woman is fair game for a Muslim man as codifed by Islam.

I challenge anyone to prove different.

It is not rape but Islamic DOMINIATION of the infidel and his women that these humble and pious Muslims practice. These Muslims are the the TRUE VICTIMS. VICTIMS of the Islamophobia that the kuffar demonstrates by not prostrating themselves before the will of the Noble Quran as enacted by Muslims.

Islam, through the actions of the Messenger and the ETERNAL will of Allah as ensconced in the the Noble Quran is quite clear in terms of sexual slavery, the use of woman (by Muslims) who are captured and the HOLY NATURE of Islamic Rape and Child Sex.

Islam is CLEAR.
There can be no challenge, because to challenge these HOLY ISLAMIC RIGHTS would be to spit in the face of Allah and his Apostle.

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