Monday, January 16, 2012

Alien Serial Rapist in France Asks Victims Their Nationality and Religion Before Raping Them

Praise Allah for the RIGHTS he has bequeathed Muslims. First and foremost among those are sexual in nature. For example the RIGHT of Muslim men to touch children in the manner similar to that of Allah's Apostle and his relationship with his favorite wife Ayisha (the child).

Also among these is the fundamental ISLAMIC right of Muslim men to take/force -- if necessary, sexual rights over kuffar women (as clearly outlined in the Noble Quran by Allah). 

That this right is being stifled in Western countries is just another example of the oppression that Islam faces in the lands of the kuffar.

That this Muslim man checked to see whether the women he raped where Muslim or not makes him a HERO in the eyes of all right thinking Muslims.

Praise Allah that there are Muslims that actually still follow his ETERNAL will. Please feast your eyes on this tale of Islamic GLORY as well as Muslim Oppression! 

On 23 December this man raped two blonde-haired, blue-eyed women in Paris then another two days later in Étampes (Essonne). The police had numerous photographs and CCTV images of this man but did not release them until the story was picked up in a magazine called Le Nouveau Detective (The New Detective) and then the newspaper Le Parisien, which published an artificial photofit image of him.

Le Parisien said that the detective division of the French police was "observing the strictest silence in this affair" which was described as "very sensitive".

This is yet another example of European police forces putting the lives of Europeans at greater risk for political purposes. They feel they have some kind of professional obligation to prevent the release of information that might cause Europeans to question the wisdom of allowing their countries being colonised by third-world immigrants. We saw exactly the same thing in the case of the Paki rape gangs in Britain. Of course, as I have written about before, this behaviour is imposed on the police by Council of Europe directives.

This man is considered very dangerous. He has shown himself to be very violent but at the same time, he has spoken to his victims a great deal, notably asking them their religious affiliation or their nationality.

"He also wounded the adolescent with several blows of the knife before trying to strangle her. He becomes very violent when the victims struggle. It seems he only attacks young European women, with light-coloured hair and blue eyes. He also apologised to them after having raped them and stabbed them. This type of behaviour is very troubling."

Sources: Le FigaroLe ParisienLe Parisien

Of course he must be a Muslim. Why else would he ask their religion before raping them? But there's no definite information about that yet. Nor is their likely to be with the police working to conceal any information that might reflect adversely on our "diverse" fellow citizens.

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