Sunday, January 8, 2012

Another Rebellious 12-Year-Old Muslim Wife (Thank Allah!) Being Put in her Place!

Yet again, Muslims can see the social infection that is the West. That a 12 year old Muslim Bride, who is beaten into total submission (in the manner prescribed by Allah's Messenger) is even question is a testament to the precarious and evil times that Muslims are living in.

That Allah has made it a RIGHT for Muslim men to touch children in a sexual way (in the manner of Muhammad), for all time is undeniable! 

That the little tart could even question the HOLY RIGHT of her husband to use violence to manage discipline in his home is akin to BLASPHEMY!

As with many, many, many other Muslim child-brides, she has the option of self immolation if she finds the beauty, tolerance, justice and MERCY of Islam too much.

Praise Islam!

Herat province -- Afghanistan, Sep.2007: This 12-y-old girl has been given in a forced marriage and she faces violence by her husband everyday. Family violence and child marriage is common across Afghanistan and tens of women every month commit self-immolation to get rid of their desolation.

She says: "Please help me get divorce, next time he will kill me, he injured me with a knife."

دخترک دوازده ساله که در ولایت هرات مورد خشونت قرار گرفته. وی جبرا به عقد مردی درآمده که وحشیانه او را مورد لت و کوب قرار میدهد. وی میگوید که شوهرش با کارد وی را زخمی نموده و لت کوب مینمود. وی عذر میکند که او را از چنگ وی برهانند چون اینبار بوسیله شوهرش به قتل خواهد رسید.

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