Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blasphemy! Video: Saudi Arabia to probe 'dancing nurses'

This kind of anti-Islamic behaviour can NEVER be allowed to stand without meeting the JUSTICE that Islam has and will met out to these CRIMINALS against Allah! 

U-Tube video shows Asian nurses dancing during birthday party at hospital

Saudi health authorities have opened an investigation into three films published on U-Tube showing Asian nurses dancing at a mixed-gender birthday party inside a government hospital.

The three separate films showed several male and female nurses were involved in the concert that included music and dances, which are strictly banned at Saudi hospitals and other public facilities.

The films showed the party was held at King Fahd Hospital in the eastern town of Hofouf and the participants were apparently from the Philippines and Indonesia, according to Saudi newspapers.

One film was titled in Arabic “a scandal at King Fahd Hospital in Hofouf” while the heading of another video read “in the absence of supervision at King Fahd Hospital”. The third read “a dancing party for a nurse’s birthday.”

“We have been instructed to open an investigation into these films to determine whether this party was really held at King Fahd Hospital,” said Ibrahim Al Hajji, information director at the Health Department.

Hajji, who was quoted by Sharq newspaper, did not elaborate on what measures would be taken against those involved in the party.

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Anonymous said...

How DARE these women FLOUT the ETERNAL Laws is Islam and think they can enjoy themselves?

They will not only be STONED for their indiscretions (hopefully), but will BURN FOR ALL ETERNITY in the Fires of Hell!

Allahu Akbar!