Monday, January 16, 2012

Genie's Interrogation Leads to Maid's Arrest for Murder...

Need I say more when confronted with the RATIONAL, SCIENTIFIC and MODERNITY of Islam and the slaves of Allah (Muslims)?

Jinn 'confirms' that Saudi family was subject to evil magic

Saudi dad insists housemaid killed his daughter by magic

A Saudi father insisted that his Asian housemaid killed his little daughter and tried to eliminate the entire family through magic, saying questioning of jinn gripping another daughter confirmed his accusations.

The father told police that his eight-year-old daughter died suddenly while her mother and elder sister had been admitted to hospital in serious condition.
The unnamed man said that he had sought the help of a Raqi (Koran reader and healer) to cure his daughter who is still lying at hospital.
“The Raqi interrogated the jinn gripping my daughter and confirmed that the family has been subject to evil magic work,” the father said, quoted by the Saudi Arabic language daily Kabar.
In an earlier report, Okaz daily said Saudi Arabia’s feared religious police arrested the maid after her employer accused her of causing the death of their child and seeking to destroy the family through witchcraft.
The father told the members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice that they found paper and nails in the hair of some family members and were told by mosque preachers they were magic spells.
"The maid confessed that she was involved in magic work at the family…...she was arrested and taken to prison,” Okaz daily said in a report from the central town of Alartawiyah.

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