Friday, January 20, 2012

Germany: Muslim Kills His Girlfriend's Unborn Baby Because She Saw Male Doctor

Yet again, more of the moral compass that Islam provides it's believers. 
Not content with destroying and socially retarding their own countries, Muslims in their millions, aided and abetted by leftists are flooding into West and bringing with them the ETERNAL laws of Sharia. 

Case in point. Germany, with a massive population of Muslims is now reaping their Muslims harvest:

A Muslim punches his pregnant girlfriend several times in the abdomen because she was examined by a male doctor.
Thanks to the heavy punches the unborn baby suffered cerebral haemorrhages while still in its mother's womb. It was possible for it to be delivered later through emergency Caesarian section, but it died of its serious injuries two days later in the hospital.

As the child was not born at the time of the action, the indictment against the 21-year-old refers only to "abortion" and not to murder.

The starting point for the fateful event was a routine gynaecological examination of the pregnant woman. As the female doctor who was usually responsible for her was on holiday, the examination was performed by a male substitute on an exceptional basis. For the then 20-year-old boyfriend of the heavily pregnant woman, a practising Muslim, this was horrific.

When the Rheine resident learned of the examination by the doctor, a major row broke out between the couple. In this the perpetrator is said to have struck his seven-month pregnant girlfriend forcefully several times in the abdomen, so that she had to be taken to a hospital, where the foetus died after an emergency birth.

UPDATE: The Muslim got 2 years and 9 months for this. His name is Ahmad Sherzai, of Afghan origin but with German citizenship. His girlfriend was of German origin and from a Catholic family. 

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Ladies, stay away from Muslim men!