Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Holy RIGHTS of Muslims to Touch Children (in the Manner of the Messenger).

The Holy RIGHT of Muslims to touch children in the manner of Muhammad (who in his 50s), carried on a sexual relationship with the child Ayisha (from the age of 6, and full penetration from the age of 9) is the example to be followed for all time. 

This sexual relationship has provided Muslims with man-on-child delights as well as PRIDE for centuries!

That Muslims are hindered in any way from expressing this most gracious RIGHT as bequeathed by Allah is an ATTACK against ISLAM!!

All Muslims know that a Muslim man has many rights as bestowed by Allah and foremost among those is the use of children for sexual satisfaction. Regardless of gender (as discussed in this posting of Muslim Man on Boy Sexual Love), Muslims throughout the world DEMAND their rights!

This is why this NEWEST INSULT against Islam is just another travesty and an attack against Allah! 

That this man took his Muslim RIGHTS and is now being punished only shows the true nature of the threat and conspiracies that exist against Islam! 

Please read this cautionary tale, and know the TRUE victim of this campaign against Islam! 

Man gets three-year jail for raping schoolboy

He sodomised teenager 20 times over 40 days

Dubai: A man was sentenced to three years in jail for raping a 14-year-old schoolboy 20 times over 40 days and threatening to inform his mother if he spurned his sexual advances.
The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the 26-year-old Emirati employee of repeatedly sodomising the Emirati teenager.
"The accused, M.A., will be jailed for three years," said Presiding Judge Hamad Abdul Latif Abdul Jawad as he pronounced Thursday's verdict.
Prosecutors accused M.A. of repeatedly sodomising the boy and threatening to beat his victim up.
He was also accused of sending text messages threatening to inform the boy's mother of their supposed ‘relationship'.
When the defendant appeared in court, he pleaded not guilty and alleged that he had consensual sex with the teenager.
According to the arraignment sheet, M.A. had sex with the schoolboy in his car. He also threatened to inform the boy's mother if he spurned his advances.
M.A. was also charged with abusing the telecommunication system (mobile phone services) by threatening the boy through text messages.
The schoolboy testified that he got acquainted with the defendant over the phone.
A mother's scolding
The boy's father testified that his wife informed him that she scolded the defendant after she spotted him looking at her son in a mall.
"When she asked him about his relationship to our son, the defendant said he was a lieutenant. My son told us that the accused raped him ten times," the father said.
A Yemeni first corporal testified that the boy confessed to him that M.A. used to rape him behind the mall.
Prosecution records said the boy and his mother identified M.A. in a police lineup after he was summoned to Al Rashidiya Police Station.
The primary judgment remains subject to appeal within 15 days.

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