Sunday, January 22, 2012

In the Manner of the Messenger: The Islamic GLORY of Man-on-Child Marriage and Sexual Relations

That Muhammad, the Perfect man, and example to be emulated for all time enjoyed sexual relations with children is well known and has been thouroughly disucssed in this as well as other forums.

That his example is to be followed and if at all possible copied by right thinking Muslims is a given. That sex with children and the marriage of elderly men with little girls (as well as using little boys for sexual gratification) is embedded upon cultures that embrace Islam is the most clear sign of the RIGHTS as bequeathed by Allah and practiced by his Apostle.

Please see the following video of yet another rebellious wife, a Yemenese girl who at 10 years of age has already been married and divorced.

I understand that that this video will anger many Muslims that would like to see the little beytraying harlot STONED to death, but take comfort in the will of Allah and the ETERNAL PUNISHMENTS that he will provide any wife/child that does not accept her submission to her husband.

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