Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Islamic Education: Palestinian Children Taught to HATE JEWS

Yet another beautiful story of the Peace that Islam provides societies that embrace the Religion of JUSTICE and human compassion. 

Palestinian Authority TV To Kids: Jews Would Have Killed Mohammad (VIDEO)

A Fatah backed Palestinian Authority television station may have reached a bit in their latest cartoon designed for children.  In the cartoon (you can find a transcript below), a “wise man” says that if the Jews had known Mohammad was an Arab, they would have murdered him.
The cartoon is the latest example of the ongoing problem with Palestinian Children being taught to hate Jews from a young age.
Narrator: “When Muhammad was 12 he went with his uncle Abu Taleb to trade in Syria. A surprise awaited them on the way”:
Wise man: “This boy is the prophet foretold in the Hebrew Bible and in the New Testament.”
Uncle: “Muhammad, my brother’s son, is a prophet?”
Wise man: “Yes, I advise you to take him back with you. If the Jews find out that the prophet of this time is of the Arabs and not of them, they will kill him.”
Uncle: “Don’t worry, no one will find out about him, I’ll protect him as long as I live.”

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