Sunday, January 1, 2012

More Rebellious Tarts: Two Child Brides Interviewed Who Are Seeking Divorce

Yet again, the fruits of Islam (man-on-child sex) are offered up as a bounty to Muslims by Allah and yet again we see the insidious rebellion of the children against the ETERNAL laws as laid bare in the Noble Quran.

That these little children could even suggest that marriage to their adult cousins is anything other than the will of the creator of the Universe already stinks of blasphemy, and even worse of APOSTASY!

How DARE a child of nine (as was Aisha when the Messenger began sexual intercourse with his child bride) even suggest the ETERNAL will of Allah is with regards to child sex is somehow doesn't apply to them!

Thankfully, there was little sympathy for the girl... the interview is more like an inquisition condemning her and looking for fault with every answer.. it's very Islamic.

Her inquisitor actually says "You were only beaten once?"

As we all know, in Islam, women being beaten into submission on a regular basis is a good thing that Allah blesses.

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Anonymous said...

She and all those like her will burn in the FIRES of hell with Shaitan for dishonoring her husband in such a way.