Saturday, January 7, 2012

Praise Allah! Canadian Infidel Michael Coren & Family Threatened by Muslims!

That an infidel, a kuffar could even think of speaking freely about his country or the inevitable take over by Muslims is already grounds for an Islamic response. But to say that Islam is violent DEMANDS a Fatwa of Jihad and a death sentence! 

How dare anyone say Islam is violent! To do so is to bring about the wrath of Muslims everywhere! Muslims Demand! More immigration into the WEST, and thereby facilitate our demographic Jihad. 

Praise Allah that there are Muslims willing to fight for the Justice and Peace of Islam! 

Michael Coren is host of "The Arena" on the Sun News Network. Unlike most other talk show hosts, Coren discusses Islam in a critical manner. 

Not surprisingly, Muslims are upset, offering the standard "Don't say Islam is violent or we'll kill you" irony so familiar to those of us who dare speak about Islam, the Qur'an, and Muhammad.

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Kafir Harby said...

How typical for the religion of peace. The word they know best is KILL KILL KILL.

They who live by the sword will be killed by the sword. Keep that in mind, assholes.