Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Beauty of Islamic Simplicity: 4x4 with Blades Allows Converts to Mow Down 'Enemies of Allah'

The Religion of Peace and Tolerance.

4x4 with Blades Allows Converts to Mow Down 'Enemies of Allah'
Two Muslim converts who were caught entering Britain with Al Qaeda magazines containing instructions on how to produce homemade bombs will be back on the streets within two months.
German-born Christian Emde, 28, and Robert Baum, 24, were sentenced today at the Old Bailey after being stopped by officers from the South East Counter Terrorism Unit at Dover.
Emde had four copies of Inspire featuring articles titled "Make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom" and "Destroying Buildings."
Another called "The ultimate mowing machine" suggested adding blades to a four-wheel drive pickup truck in order to drive through pedestrian areas and "mow down the enemies of Allah."
On Baum's computer detectives found a German translation of "39 ways to serve and participate in Jihad" which gave advice on how terrorists should keep fit.
Both men lived in the town of Solingen, east of Dusseldorf in Germany, before travelling by ferry to England last July with nearly 3,000 Euros in cash.
Baum, who was living on unemployment benefit, converted to Islam in 2003 while Emde, a former solider in the German army, became a Muslim in 2009 and worked as a warehouseman.
They told officers they had intended to travel to Egypt but changed their plans because it was too expensive. Instead they decided to take a bus from Brussels to London before getting another bus to Birmingham.
The Old Bailey heard the tickets to Birmingham had been bought by an associate of a man named Ahmed Diini, who had been excluded from the UK because of links to terrorism.
Emde claimed that he downloaded the Inspire magazine from the internet so he could "understand all aspects of the religion of Islam," the court heard.
Both men pleaded guilty to possessing information likely to be useful to a terrorist. Judge Peter Rook QC sentenced Emde to 16 months imprisonment and Baum to just 12 months imprisonment.
Both men have already spent 193 days in custody and are to be deported after serving their sentences. Judge Rook told Baum that he had "effectively already served your sentence" while Emde will be released in about two months.
"Clearly the documents are of a kind likely to be useful to a person preparing an act of terrorism," said the judge.
"The material, particularly Inspire magazine, makes chilling reading. Only one sentence is appropriate and that is an immediate custodial sentence.
"All terrorist offences are serious. However this falls at the low end of seriousness. It is accepted there was no evidence to suggest that any of this material was going to be used for a terrorist purpose. It is accepted this material was widely available on the internet.

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