Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Belgian woman receives death threats after posing in bikini - burqa combo

Praise the tolerance.
Praise the humanity.
Praise the JUSTICE.
Praise the modernity of Islam.

20-year-old An-Sofie Dewinter doesn't seem all that concerned about threats to kill her.
After posing in a combination bikini/burqa combination that proclaimed "Freedom or Islam - you choose" the model has reportedly received death threats.
In regards to threats to her life, Fox News is reporting that the model and daughter of Belgian nationalist politician Filip Dewinter as stating:
“I don’t think they’re serious. I hope not.”
The Belgian media giant Het Laatste Nieuws (English - The Latest News) has also quoted the younger Dewinter:

"Death threats and criticism no longer scare me off."
The Daily Mail of London is reporting that Mr. Dewinter claims the Muslim organization Shariah4Belgium has called for him to be killed for expressing his pro-Belgian views.
Recently, Shariah4Belguim was fined 550 Euros ($730) for "inciting hatred towards non-Muslims".

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