Thursday, February 2, 2012

HALAL! Touching Children (Sexually) in the Manner of the Messenger

As all Muslims know, children are a prime source of sexual enjoyment for Muslim men.

Whether it be dancing boys in Afgahnistan or the marriage of elderly men to children (here, here and here) and their use as sexual play things.


This is based on the example (the PERFECT and ETERNAL) of Allah's Messenger, Muhammad, who enjoyed sex with the little Aisha (using her thighs from the age of 6 to full blown intercourse from the age of 9). 

This according to Muslims is the most beautiful love story of all time, and to be emulated by all Muslims.

To critizize the use of children as sexual play things by Muslim men is to spit in the face of Allah, Islam and Muhammad. Thus, no question of this most HOLY of Islamic practices will be tolerated.

The use of Children, in the Manner of the Messenger is a RIGHT as bequeathed by Allah and is VALID for all time! 

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MarlyLasVegas said...

I wish she had been able to stay with her lawyer. She needs to be around people who value females as equals not property. Living in the USA, it's hard to grasp the fact that this happens to girls everyday around the world. I wish I knew how to help them. What can we do?