Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Justice of Islam: Honour Killings in Ontario

I for one am glad to see Mulitculturalism at work in Canada. That Islam and the ETERNAL LAWS of Allah as sanctified in the Sharia are being enacted in this former kaffir land is just another sign of Islam's ultimate VICTORY.

Let the Demographic Jihad continue.
Europe First.
North America and Australia Second.
After that the world!

Praise Jihad!

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Glenn said...

These people, father, wife, son, are and have been very misguided, in their approach to life.
They are now experiencing the consequences of this, but, they seem to have no conception of how 'sick', their approach has been.
Their adopted country is Canada. Their belief is so alien to any idea of Canadian thinking, that I wonder why, they are here.

They depend on our legal system and go their own way with no thought of what our system is.

That is, in a word, sick.

If there is a God, Allah, and some sor of concious Mohammed, they are really quite capable of taking care of their own interests. They have far more in thier arsenal than we can ever contemplate. It is rude and ludicrous for us to contemplate 'acting for them'.

Get your head out of the sand!