Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Strength in Diversity: Malmo Police Station Hit With Bomb

That the Demographic Jihad to overtake the kuffar lands in the West is well underway, Muslims everywhere have two groups to thank: 

1) The brave Mujahideen that are fighting to force the West to submit to Islam and the Sharia. 

2) The useful multiCULTuralists that are helping flood their countries with more and more Muslims. 
Which group is more useful to Allah's ends waits to be seen. However, until the time of ultimate (Muslim of course) victory (which is not far off) we must rejoice at news such as this being brought to you today by the Chronicle of Islam! 

Bomb attack rocks Malmö police station

A police station in central Malmö was hit by a powerful explosion early Wednesday morning, leaving a hole in the building.
“Several people reacted to the powerful explosion and we received a number of calls,” Skåne police duty officer Marie Keimar told the TT news agency.

Two men dressed in dark clothing were seen placing what is believed to be a bomb outside the building before fleeing the scene.

The blast, which took place around 2.30am, left a hole in the police station's brick wall and caused extensive damage to the offices inside.

Police say there are a number of witnesses to the incident, but Keimar was unable to elaborate on what witnesses may have said about what they saw.

However, eye witness Tomas Holmqvist told Svergies Television (SVT) that he had seen two men dressed in black place the charge outside the station.

The two men then fled the scene on a black scooter.

The police station singled out in the attack is located on Eriksfältsgatan in central Malmö.

According to police, there were people present in the station shortly before the explosion occurred.

“It was lucky there wasn't anyone in there, but it was still a serious attack against us,” said Keimar.

“It's unclear how seriously the building was damaged or if there is any risk that it might collapse.”

By 4am, investigators had begun examining the scene in order to assess the damage.

The police station is located in Malmö's Fosie neighbourhood, the same area where a man was fatally shot just hours before.

Shortly before 7pm, police found a 48-year-old father of four shot in a car. He was rushed to hospital but later died from his injuries.


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