Thursday, February 2, 2012

Woe Unto Rebellious Muslim Women

There seems to be an epidemic of Muslim harlots disobeying their guardians as of late. These tools of the Apostates and infidels vocally object to their status in Islam as objects and in doing so upset the Muslim falafel cart. 

That they could even believe for a second that a woman has any rights other than to be beaten into submission by her father/brother/husband/son is in and of itself an indication of an infection. 

A Mental infection called the West. 

Please read the following report and make sure that your women-folk are properly trained / disciplined in the manner of Islam so this kind of rebellion never happens to you. 

Domestic violence: Injured for ‘resisting attempt to sell daughter in marriage

A woman, and her father, were hospitalised on Wednesday with injuries they had suffered in a knife and axe attack allegedly by her husband and his accomplices.
Doctors at Shaikh Zayed Hospital told The Express Tribune that Hanifa Bibi had 13 wounds on her body and described her condition as ‘critical’.  They said Hanifa’s father Mithay Khan had seven wounds.
They said full recovery from the injuries could take two to three months. However, they added, they could be discharged from the hospital in about four to five weeks.
Hanifa Mai and Mithay Khan were assaulted allegedly by her husband Basheer, a resident of Mohammadpur Diwan, on resisting his attempt allegedly to sell one of his daughters, Farzana, in marriage.
Farzna told The Express Tribune that Basheer and his brothers had wanted to sell her in marriage. “They hadn’t told me or my mother any details about the man,” she said, “She refused to let them marry me off against my will”. Basheer started beating Hanifa Bibi, and was later joined by his brothers, following an argument over the issue on Wednesday, she added.
Saddar police ASI Ghulam Yaseen said they had registered a case against Basheer, and his three brothers, Munir, Rafiq and Latif under section 324/34 of the Pakistan Penal Code. He said raiding teams had been formed to arrest the suspects.
Speaking to The Express Tribune at the hospital, Mithay Khan said he was attacked by Basheer when he tried to stop him from beating Hanifa at their house on Wednesday. He said the men were torturing Hanifa with a knife when he reached the scene. Mithay Khan said he had rushed to the scene after one of his grand childrens, Iqbal, came to his house and informed him about the matter. “Iqbal told me Basheer and his brothers were beating her and asked me to rescue her,” he said. Mithay Khan said the suspects fled the scene by jumping over the back wall on hearing neighbours gather in front of the house.
Akram, one of the neighbors who took Hanifa Bibi and Mithay Khan to hospital, said the suspects had fled by the time he and others broke into the house.
Saeeda Bibi, another neighbour, said Hanifa had fainted by the time they rescued her.

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