Sunday, March 18, 2012

Court gives life-term to SHO for blaspheming

A man has been given a life sentence for (the hearsay crime of BLASPHEMY)!

That he was not executed says a lot about the soft touch (kid gloves if you like) that Pakistan is now treating its' criminals with.

That a man could even verbally say anything against a dead Arab from the 7th century goes to show that Islam is not what it used to be.

This tale of Islamic woe, funnels nicely into a point I have been making recently on the DAMAGE that Muslims must INFLICT upon those that upset Allah.

Allah does not seem/is not capable of SMITING or punishing his enemies himself.

It does seem strange.

Either way, I am glad to know that there  are other Muslims that understand that BLASPHEMY against Allah's Apostle is enough to SLAY the perpetrator, and there is nothing in the world that could be a worse CRIME!

KASUR - A court on Friday awarded life-imprisonment to Police Station House Officer (SHO) Manzarul Haq Shah Jahan for uttering blasphemous remarks against the Holy Prophet (PBUH). 
Additional District and Sessions’ Judge Chaudhry Umar Hayat handout out the verdict on a case registered at the complaint of Muhammad Younis. 

The complainant had alleged that the then SHO of Raja Jung Police Station had uttered blasphemy in a conversation with him and two other men, Javed Iqbal and Hafiz Shahid, on street crime. Younis had alleged that the SHO called Hafiz a “Maulvi” and used blasphemous words against the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The complainant had added that he was getting the case (No 20/2009) registered at the police station under Section 295-C after discussing the incident with 65 members of a mosque. 

A fatwa was also issued by religious scholars of prominent seminaries like Darul Aloom and Jamia Naeemia, Lahore, against the SHO. In his judgement, the judge observed that the offence of blasphemy had been fully proven against the accused, and that he had been found guilty. The judge awarded life imprisonment and a fine of Rs 200,000 in the case, adding that the accused would have to undergo further two years of imprisonment if he failed to pay the fine.

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