Saturday, March 31, 2012

Praise Allah! Prosecutor Demands Harsher Sentence for Beaten Wife...

At least there are still Muslims left in this world that understand that a woman should know her place and stay in it.

That any Muslim woman could defy her husband, while he is following the ETERNAL will of Allah by beating her into submission is a stain not only on the honour of Islam, Allah but also the family.

This woman is lucky that her family's honour was not in need of cleansing.

A prosecutor has demanded a seven-year prison sentence for an abusive ex-husband and nine years for his beaten ex-wife, who bit her ex-husband's hand while he was hitting her, in Ankara.
The Habertürk daily reported on Thursday that both of the ex-spouses filed complaints against each other with the Ankara Public Prosecutor's Office on charges of violence. The prosecutors demanded seven years for Oğuz Berksun, who is a professor at Ankara University, and nine years for psychiatrist, Elif Usal.
Usal, who spoke to the daily, said they divorced a month ago. “On the day when the incident occurred, I went to our house to find my ex-husband. His mother and sister were packing up my belongings. I tried to stop them from doing this, but my ex-husband started choking me. In order to escape I bit his hand. After managing to escape, I called the police,” Usal stated.
Berksun denies his ex-wife's claims and says that in actual fact his ex-wife committed violence against him.

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