Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Brothers torture, sodomise and film sister's lover

When the honor of a Muslim is at stake, besides martyrdom and murder what can one do to keep Allah on your side?


Praise Allah.

Married Romeo paraded in undergarments; 13-year-old impregnated by future dad-in-law and more

Two Egyptian men abducted a driver, tortured him and filmed him being sexually assaulted, reported the Egyptian website Masrawy.
The victim was allegedly in a relationship with the suspects' sister.
The brothers kidnapped the man and tortured him at their flat using sharp instruments.
The victim was then sexually assaulted by their friend while the brothers filmed the whole incident on their mobile phone to humiliate him.
Police raided the apartment and arrested the brothers after receiving a tip off from the nighbours. They complained of hearing cries of a person being tortured.
The defendants pleaded guilty and informed the police that they were seeking revenge from the victim for having an illicit relationship with their sister.
13-year-old impregnated by future dad-in-law
A minor girl from the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh isallegedly impregnanted by her future father-in-law. He first volunteered to marry her but is now absconding.
The 13-year-old began working at her fiance's farm after both the families agreed to the wedding.There the 40-year-old suspect raped her and threatened her not to reveal it to anyone, reported 'Times of India'.
However, her mother noticed changes in her daughter and discovered she was pregnant. The village elders decided he marry her, which he agreed to but disappeared a few days later. 
Woman tied to electric pole for stealing bread
A woman in China was tied to an electric post with a placard around her neck reading ' I am a thief' for stealing two loafs of bread.
Residents, however, urged the bakery shop owner to be more compassionate with the woman. However, the shop owner alleges that she has stolen bread several times before, reported 'Asiaone'. 
Man strangles cancer-striken lover
A property developer was arrested when his car crashed while he was on his way to dump the body of his cancer-striken partner whom is killed. During the trial it was also discovered that he had strangled his first wife 23 years ago.
The jealous 50-year-old, a resident of Devon, England, crashed into a hedge following a tyre burst and passers-by rushed to his aid when they discovered a corpse inside, reported 'Daily Mail'.
The couple were returning from teh hospital, where the victim had a breast operation. The suspect was drunk and picked up a fight and strangled her to death using a bra that was in the car.
She died of heart failure induced by asphyxia and pressure on her carotid artery. She also had 40 other injuries, according to reports.
Married Romeo paraded in undergarments
In a rare act of unity, two women who married the same man decided to punish him for abusing and cheating them.
The 25-year-old self-confessed Romeo was paraded in his undergarments with a garland of slippers around in neck on the streets of Guntur in Andhra Pradesh, India, reported 'NDTV'. 
He first married Anita after wooing her for 18 months. But the moment he married her he started physically and verbally abusing her.
Meanwhile, he entered in a relationship with a nurse. She alleged that he even cut his wrist to proclaim his love for her, and she decided to marry. But no sooner than she married him than he began harassing her.
The woman have filed a case against him.
Boy plots to poison stepmom
A 12-year-old boy in Brisbane was standing trial for putting peanut in his stepmother's toothpaste to cause her harm.
The boy was struggling with family breakdown,wanted to hurt his new mom who is allergic to peanuts, reported 'Perthnow'.
The boy along with his younger brother was tired of moving between homes of the separated parents that they decided to do away with the new stepmom.
However, the judge described the 'crime' as an attention-seeking act and just warned and cautioned him and placed him on good-behaviour bond.