Friday, April 20, 2012

Saudi mufti pushes for age of child brides to be 10 years old

The HOLY RIGHTS of Muslims to touch children sexually is ensconced in the example of the PERFECT MAN, Muhammad.

The Apostle of Allah SHOVED his genitals into his 9 year old bride Aisha after 3 years of using her thighs to masturbate between.

For Muslims, these actions are the TEMPLATE, the example to be followed for all time. Thus, for the Mufti of Saudi Arabia to push for children brides is in keeping with the cherished sexual values that Islam provides believers. 

Praise the Sexual GIFTS that Allah bequeaths his slaves. 

Saudi mufti pushes for age of child brides to be 10 years old  

Saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti, Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Al al-Sheikh, has approved marriage for girls as young as 10 years-old and criticized the notion of raising the age to 25 years-old according to various news reports.  

According to The World Observer, he went on to say a girl becomes ready for marriage at 10 or 12 according to Islam and stressed that Islamic law is not by any means oppressive to women, the London-based al-Hayat reported Wednesday.

"Those who call for raising the age of marriage to 25 are absolutely mistaken," al-Sheikh said in a lecture he gave at the faculty housing mosque of Imam Mohamed bin Saud Islamic University in Riyadh.
"Our mothers and grandmothers got married when they were barely 12. Good upbringing makes a girl ready to perform all marital duties at that age."

Al-Sheikh's statements came in response to a female attendee who asked about minors marrying without their consent.
The Saudi National Human Rights Association (NHRA) has criticized the prevalence of the marriage of minors in the kingdom and considered it a violation of childhood. The association has sought to work with authorities to curb the practice and protect children's rights.
NHRA stressed that underage marriages are also a breach of several United Nations treaties including the Child Rights Treaty, which Saudi signed in 1996 and the Treaty for the Rights of Women that the kingdom joined in 2000.
Last year a similar fatwa, or religious ruling, by Salafi preacher Sheikh Mohamed al-Maghrawi allowing girls as young as nine to marry was condemned by Morocco’s Supreme Scientific Council. The council said it lacked religious validity because it was based on only one case—the marriage of Prophet Mohamed (pbuh) to Aisha bint Abu-Bakr.
Meanwhile, children as young as 10 years-old are being given to men, some as old as 50 years their senior, in exchange for large dowries. 
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